Poker Multi Table Tournament Strategies

Multi table tournaments can generally be broken down into three separate phases; the opening, the middle and the end games.

In the opening phase, the blinds are small and the pot pot sizes reflect this, therefore there’s little value in risking your chips to win them. The opening phase is generally where you see strange plays made 711 casino.

Some experienced players go all in during this phase, hoping to build a good size bank for the later phases. This is high risk and often leads to an early elimination. If successful, the following phases are easier due to the much higher bank you hold.

Novices tend to make much of the play during the opening phases with many of the experienced players only gambling with strong hands. This phase generally weeds out most of the inexperienced players. The opening phase is a game of patience, letting the other players knock each other out.

In the middle phase is the character building phase. At this point you can start to become more aggressive. The blinds are increasing and with it the pot sizes. All ins are less frequent and are generally a little more targeted towards survival or strategic. Some all ins during the middle phases are sucker bets, trying to eliminate any remaining weak players.

The best strategy in the middle phase is to aim to win medium size pots whilst avoiding any sucker all in bets. You can often however, often capitalise on survival all ins where a player is trying either survive or go down fighting. If you have built up your bank you can often cover an all in with little pain to your bank should you lose. The middle phase is one of survival and steady bank building.

The end phase is the action phase. Up until now, players have no idea how to read you. You were conservative during the opening phase and mildly aggressive when holding good hands in the middle phase.

The end phase is the final table and here you are probably guaranteed a payout of some sort. Generally the decent payouts go to the top three so this needs to be your first goal. However, you need to play smart poker now, avoiding elimination whilst winning hands that are winnable. Negative play will soon see you out of the game.

The no frills game you played in the first two phases should be maintained until you get to the real payout stage. If you make the top three you can consider yourself a winner of the first part of the game. You now need to complete your goal by winning the tournament.

This is when the real you can come to the fore and you can play to win – the only way to win is by playing aggressively and attempting to eliminate your opposition. Remember, last man (woman) standing takes home the big money.

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